1. January 1, 1982 it all began and it continues to roll.
  2. At the beginning no one believes in you and you need to prove yourself and keep doing so… I never give up!
  3. I began working with the corporations that would move a division to Colorado Springs, after earning their trust I would assist their employees in finding a place to call home. That trust continues today.
  4. I now have been able to assist several generations in the same families. I love helping Grandma as much as the grand kids.
  5. I have worked with several banks to sell their distressed property in tough times and help whenever called on for help with estates or new arrivals to the area.
  6. I have solid work ethic… emails from me at 5:00 AM are not unusual.
  7. I am a member of “The Elite 25”, “ERA Leadership Team”, “The Fifty To Follow”,
    “International Collection”, and “ ERA’s 1st in Service”.
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